Light, joy, comfort – the  suites at the Compliment Hotel have a special atmosphere, being spacious, decided in white with some light color accents, the main of which is soothing light green - this is the color of the sofas. Additional vibrant color accents are the yellow and purple cushions in the living room and the bedroom.

The interior is far from the usual hotel sterility. The suites are suitable for a family vacation providing for games and conversations as well as for work – a convenient table, enough light, high-speed internet.
The rooms are quiet - the floor is also covered with a soft flooring that absorbs the sound of footsteps; the bedrooms ensure relaxation with the additional heavy curtains, not leaking any light in when they are drawn; the bathrooms are- functional and fitted with everything you need.

Plan your holiday in Tryavna and book a charming suite in The Compliment Hotel.

Price: 120.00 BGN