Sand coffee and white jam

Sand coffee served in ceramic cups with (white jam) pastries and water or lemonade, sipped slowly with pleasure, is a tradition in Tryavna. We advise you to indulge this pleasure too. We brew the sand coffee following all Tryavna rules. (We also serve lemonade specially prepared for our guests). Pastries are fresh, delicious, traditional for the region.
Coffee is served directly with the pot and cups( and the lemonade – in neat bottles with retro design ). Most guests prefer to enjoy the drinks outside on the small wooden tables placed in the street.

Shekerdjiinitza offers pleasure for all the senses and helps you slow down and feel the aroma of the coffee, pamper your palate with fresh pastry relaxing on a colorful, soft cushion.
It is open to everybody.
We are looking forward to your visit.