If you want to explore the creative spirit of the old Bulgarian masters - Tryavna is one of the places that you should visit. The old town still keeps the calm, but enlightened atmosphere of bygone years.

The Clock tower tells the time during the day reminding the tourists and citizens of Tryavna to enjoy every minute of the day. In the evening the tower lights up and the old quarter of the town resounds with the song "Inseparable".

The Daskalova house - there are two rooms/odaya with famous carved ceilings with depicted suns. The house was turned into a museum of woodcarving, in which you can see amazing  masterpieces - from delicately carved iconostasis to small sculptures as well as the replica of a carving workshop.

The Raikov's house with its typical Tryavna architecture and the exposition arranged inside introduces you to the lifestyle of Tryavna from the late 19th, early 20th century.

The Old School - also called Slaveikov School because Petko Slaveykov was a teacher in it. The old shaded yard with a spurting fountain/cheshma will tempt you to sit and relax for a few minutes, enjoying the silence. The school is preserved with all its artefacts such as  slate-pencils, board and sandstones for writing letters. In the same building is the gallery with pictures of Dimitar Kazakov - Neron.

The iIkonoteka, the churches, the hunchback bridge are just a few of the places in Tryavna to visit. Give yourself a few days for a journey through time. Visit our city.